3 European Countries South Africans can Visit without a visa


As a South African passport holder, the one thing I least enjoy about travelling has always been applying for visas. It's such a hassle applying for a visa every time you want to travel. The process takes so much time, its expensive and printing out all those pages just cannot be good for the environment!

Now it's been a dream of mine to visit Europe but then I get discouraged every time I look through the visa process. But there are 3 Countries that are in Europe that I plan on visiting first in Europe as they do not require South African passport holders to have a visa.

Here are all the European countries South Africans can visit without a visa.


1: Ireland

With its scene-stealing natural beauty and multitude of things to see and do, Ireland is a dream tourist destination.

Known as the Emerald Isle on account of its lush green landscape, visitors have flocked to Ireland for centuries. Drawn by its friendly people, rugged coastlines and stacks of history (not to mention the drinking, dancing and other festivities), there is something for everyone on this tiny Island.

But there’s a lot more to Ireland than Guinness and pubs. You will be mesmerized by the rolling green hills, a wild Atlantic coastline, endless magical castles and buzzing cities make the Emerald Isle an alluring destination for any traveller.

It’s a land that has inspired authors and poets from CS Lewis to Yeats and provided the dramatic and breathtaking scenery for many a film from Star Wars to Harry Pot

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2: Russia

Russia is best known for being the world’s largest country. Making up over a seventh of the earth’s entire landmass, it’s hardly surprising that the country should be so culturally, historically and visually diverse.

From vodka-soaked nights in historic urban centres to days spent appreciating art and idyllic countryside landscapes, from train rides through Siberia to detoxifying steam bath, from ski trips in the Caucasus to great hikes around the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal - Mother Russia has it all.

With a country as huge as Russia, travellers can expect an incredible amount of diversity in landscapes, cultures and activities. Straddling Europe and Asia, Russia is a rich, unique country that exhibits the confluence of continental influences in its architecture, culture, foods and beyond.

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3: Turkey

There is no place in the world that fuses East and West with such ease.

From the old world cobblestone streets and cafes to the daily morning call to prayer to the country’s complex politics and relationship with its regional neighbors, neighbours truly no other travel experience quite like Turkey.

Istanbul is famous for its old world, Ankara for its bureaucracy, and Izmir for its Greek influence and unique old city feel. They are amazing cities, but there are so many other regions to understand in Turkey, too. Places like Mardin in the Southeast of Turkey and Hatay, which shares a border with Syria, offer a unique insight into what Turkey is like from an everyday perspective. Mardin will offer a glimpse into the country life, while Haytay offers insight into a different era of the way things once were in Turkey.

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